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    Keep the freshness in! 

    The Eazy Save™ food keeper is vacuum packed ensuring that the freshness is kept in, and all the bad are kept out. This is the vacuum-sealed food keeper you didn't know you needed! Experience the longer-lasting freshness of your favorite dish. 



    The Eazy Save™ lets you vacuum seal and quickly stack multiple dishes in the refrigerator so that you can keep your meals organized and simple to find. Made with clear plastic, it's also easy to see what you've got stored so that less food goes to waste.

    Eazy Save™ works with plates, large serving platters, skillets, and bowls, or even on counter-top, allowing you to quickly seal-up and store away fruits, vegetables, prepared food or the remains of a meal.


    • Flavor Seal. Eazy Save™ seals the delicious flavor of the dish while keeping out the other flavors of nearby food, or other contaminating material.
    • Odor Seal. Eazy Save™ prevents unwanted flavors from entering the vacuum seal keeping your food as fresh as it can be! 
    • Easy Storability. Eazy Save™ is robust and stackable! This is a great feature to have if you intend to maximize your refrigerator or pantry. 
    • Multi-Durable. The Eazy Save™ is designed to be used with the dishwasher and microwave. Making the use and upkeep of the Eazy Save™ very convenient. 



    • Material: ABS
    • Color: Blue
    • Product size: 19x7cm/7.48x2.76"/ 19x7.5cm/7.48x2.95in



    • 1PC * Eazy Save™